When you are thinking of going into a pub business, one of the things you must always be clear on is the identity you want your pub to acquire. Assuming you have already done a market survey and established the gaps in the existing pubs in the city or town where you wish to develop yours, the next step is thinking of the best way to fill up those gaps and taking advantage of the opportunity to give the people you are targeting something new and fresh.

Here are useful ideas that can help you establish a pub chain in different cities if this your ultimate goal.

Neighbourhood Pubs

There is something about neighbourhood pubs that keeps them going and in business even during the low seasons. They provide great spaces for catching up with friends or even colleagues, especially on Fridays after work. They inspire togetherness and a sense of belonging. To make yours unique, assess what those already in the business offer and what they don’t. Make good use of this information to establish a unique business that responds to the needs of the people you target in the most exclusive and convenient way.

Sports Pub

This type will require you to invest in sizeable screens and strategic seating arrangements to ensure your clients can watch matches with minimal disturbance. In most cases, sports bars also serve different meals such as pizzas and sandwiches to ensure fans are satisfied throughout matches. You can also have other types of activities, such as video games to keep your clients entertained when there are no events to watch on screen.

Speciality Pub

This type requires you to come up with a theme depending on the people you are targeting. Speciality pubs focus on certain types of drinks, but they can also serve other kinds. For instance, you can start a martini pub that focuses on different martinis and cocktails.