Owning a pub is a great idea to try your hand in if you have been looking for a viable business venture. It is one of the businesses in which you are guaranteed to attract clients if things are done right. In many countries, the good news is that there are different ways through which you can establish a pub business. Below are some of the options available for those interested in this business.


This is usually an agreement where a pub owner rents property either from a brewery or a pub company for a certain period. It can be three or five years, depending on what you prefer. This option is cost-effective compared to leasing or entering into a franchise agreement. In this type of contract, the cost of all the repairs and general maintenance of the property is shared.

Lease and Franchise

The advantage of going into a lease agreement with a brewery or pub company is that you get to run the business for a more extended period. Usually, the period is between 10 and 30 years. In such an agreement, you cater for every other cost including maintaining the property. With a lease, you are at liberty to sell-on the goodwill of the business. With a franchise, there are standard operating procedures that must be followed, and the profits are also shared.

Management Contract

In this type of an arrangement, all you do is manage the business on behalf of a pub company or a brewery. Maintenance and all the other liabilities are catered for by the company. Here, you are guaranteed an income as a management fee. You might also earn a bonus depending on the business’s performance over a certain period of time.

Free House

In a free house, you are the owner of the property, so you will be in charge of everything. You are basically in control of everything from hiring to maintaining the property.