Running a successful pub calls for creativity and thinking on your feet. To grow your clientele, you not only need to introduce new services every once in a while, but you also need to think of the different ways to make your existing customers happy but also be able to attract new ones in the process.

Businesses go through different phases, but all that matters is being able to handle the challenges and taking advantage of all available opportunities to grow. If your pub hasn’t been receiving new clients lately, here are effective ways you can make good use to change the situation.


Depending on what your customers like, build a competition around it and let it be one of your key highlights. It could be a football or a pool table tournament. If your clients are into online gaming, they can check out, and to make it more fun; you can let them compete against each other and come up with a rewarding system for those who score the most bonuses.

Themed Nights

If you haven’t tried out themed nights yet, you are missing out on a great opportunity that does the work in attracting new customers. All that matters is making your existing customers happy and attracting new ones in the process. It could be as simple as a cider showcase with the ’90s music theme.

Family-Friendly Events

If you have the right licence, you can hold family-friendly events where you can accommodate children for those interested in bringing their children along. This works best if you have an open area or a beer garden. Hold a pizza making event for kids or a meetup event for new parents who might have a lot to discuss about parenting.

There are so many ideas through which you can attract new customers to your pub business. Be creative and ensure you offer value to both your new and existing clients.