Establishing a pub requires great entrepreneurial and money-making skills as keeping the business afloat and ensuring sustainable growth is no mean feat. If your plan is to create chains in different cities, this actually demands high managerial and leadership skills as you will be dealing with different types of clientele in each of the towns where the pubs are located. The best thing is that after you have worked on your identity and signature look, your next major task is attracting and sustaining the people you are targeting.

To ensure your business meets all its set goals, here are five things you must get right.


When choosing the location for your pub, there are different things you must always consider. Demographics, style, accessibility, parking, zonal restrictions and rent are elements you should think about deeply before picking a location.


One thing you must always ensure your business has is licences from the right authorities. You don’t want to be in legal trouble for such a careless mistake. You will be needed to acquire the correct licences, for instance, to be allowed to serve alcohol, food and to play music.

Name and Logo

If your plan is to establish pubs in different cities, then having a unique name and a logo which your pubs will be identified with is a must. It is also a good idea to trademark your name and logo to protect them from being used by other people who might want to ride on your success.

Accounting and Inventory

This is such a crucial aspect of running a successful pub. You would want to know which products to stock depending on their sales. Pub inventory also helps in keeping track of the cost of your purchases and setting prices.

Bottom Line

Your pub’s success will be highly dependent on the kind of staff you have. Ensure each of them buys into your vision.